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2012 Enlightened

Much has been said about the year 2012 - by the world’s indigenous peoples - top scientists, and great prophets like Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus - with many predicting biblical Armageddon and world cataclysms caused by solar maximum storms, and the coming orbit of the dwarf star constellation “Planet Nibiru”. The Great Clearing! 2012 is also seen as the time of - Great Revealing - where anti-Christ and anti-evolutionary forces of the Illuminati, secret societies, UFO’s, religious and Government corruption are exposed, allowing the spiritual and physical transformation of the New Spiritual Age of peace, and enlightenment to manifest beyond 2012. There truly is one-knowledge of Solar Occultism, Sacred Geometry and the Light Consciousness - this divine reality has been intentionally hidden from our civilization since ancient times. Visit our partner website 2012enlightened.com and you'll find more facts about 2012.