Apocalypse 2012, a process controlled by an external information field and clearly designed

apocalypse 2012
External field. General principles of organization. Manage external energy information flows through enhanced information matrix of the subconscious.

The external field - the global information substance, the totality of the information fields and energy flows. This substance is available for immediate direct human consumption and the majority of animals. It is endlessly changing and every second field is an infinite number of processes, most of which remains beyond our perception. But whatever a person is set to the external field, often intuitively perceive incoming information. To develop this relationship and bring it to the level of direct eye contact and the perceived information, and there is a sense of personal evolution as an effective way of existence in all conditions, especially in fast-changing modern environment. This setup has always been the key to survival, and Cosmoenergetics gives key state and the starting point not only for understanding this relationship, but also for direct application.
The external field - it is the subconscious of the universe, all the processes it with seeming randomness, struktuirovany and justified. There is a hierarchy, a model of good governance and subordination, the active principle of self-organizing systems. All this is more than difficult for human understanding, so we sort of order, moving from simple to complex.

apocalypse earth

The notion of an external field at one time, we have introduced, countering this global information the substance of the information Antipolis, space created by man. Of course, that the information power of the external field, by orders of magnitude greater than Antipolis.

The notion of an external field at one time, we have introduced, countering this global information the substance of the information Antipolis, space created by man. Of course, that the information power of the external field, by orders of magnitude greater than Antipolis.
Information in any form - a living substance, and with the accumulation of a certain maximum tends to complete integrity. Such processes, for example, are observed in the global Internet, for the moment, living creature, capable of spontaneous action. Another important aspect - the carrier of information. And the external field and antifield built by the information of active particles - in particular the secondary photon emission. Light elements - photons, particles of mysterious nature, combining features of the particles and waves, and not understood by orthodox science, remain in dispute and to this day. We are also interested in the principle of formation of information fields. The secondary radiation - photons of information - a product of life, because now no one denies that all living things emit light. Primary photons coming from the stars are a kind of generators of information fields. Primary and secondary photons have different energy-performance, different and the speed and energy potential, but if we consider their wave characteristics, then the wavelength. This question had never been a science for one simple reason, the secondary photon emission immeasurably less they get lost among the primary photons, and can not be investigated by standard methods. Just imagine the difference of solar radiation and the radiation of the living planet, and everything becomes clear.
With its small number of secondary photons, are all possible information about a living organism, releasing them into the external information field every moment. Taken together, the space-time, such as densely populated living planet for millions of years of evolution, understand the power of information of the external field. This information might become decisive for the primary radiation, sunlight. In this way information travels through the universe, as with the light of the stars of this information we obtain. (more details of these issues are highlighted in the books "Dance of Shiva", "Following the dance of Shiva") so Apocalypse 2012 a process controlled

Apocalypse 2012. Information power field of the planet are not unlimited, so you have to deal with what we are - a sort of memory of the planetary field, the most relevant and valid information. Although similar to the planet has a computer and hard drive, which records all energy-processes of its evolution, it is a stable information system - the Earth's crust from geological rocks and sediment. We can not say that this information is fully archived, due to the continuous plasma radiation from the core information is the earth's crust is continuously active and out into the external field. To a lesser extent, this assertion is valid for planets with reduced plasma activity. Can understand from this position and meaning of planetary tectonic processes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and shifts of layers, this eruption of planetary information, initiated primarily by external information flows - cosmic radiation. On the same principle occur, and technological and socio-political catastrophe, the release of information Antipolis in response to initiating external influence.
With all the huge volume of information of the external field is strictly structured, and the first principle of its organization - the law of feedback. The external field is in a state of constant information exchange, all processes on Earth are initiated by external information sources, respectively - an adequate response to the planetary system. This is a single operating principle of energy information. Unfortunately, we can not always follow all the components of these processes, we often have to deal with their consequences, without understanding the reasons. And this is unacceptable to the highly developed information society, evolution has always been based on the principle of adequate feedback.
Interchange heteropolar flows - a single principle of the existence of energy information of a different order to understand the structure of the universe, need to go back to the beginning, the Big Bang. Antimatter, anti-world, the substance of "black holes, cosmic background radiation is here at some point appeared light, and with it came our universe. This moment of maximum tension and the density of antimatter, of course, and found the man who, roughly speaking, threw a match. Since antimatter is driving the beginning of all the stellar processes of feedback feeding all the latest luminary.
The universe is not infinite, it ends where the light ends. Accordingly, and infinitely extended in space antiworld merely a speed of 300 000 km per second. And as always billions of years from the date of his birth. Light streams this and all information about the evolution of the planets, about the living and nonliving, everything in general. All this goes nowhere, in the anti-world, where in our understanding simply nothing there, and practical human brain refuses to understand it, meaning no. But from the perspective of the Creator - this is just a way of its existence.

Space apocalypce

We are repelled by the fact that we see and can think, feel and taste, so infinitely divergent light, does not open, but backflow antimatter collateral existence of stellar processes in the form of vague hypotheses about expanding black holes has become known recently. Organization antimatter virtually inaccessible to our perception, but it does not mean that it does not exist. By studying the global structure of our universe, scientists have found that galaxies and their clusters are located in space is not chaotic and not evenly. They are concentrated along the walls of the huge space "com", while inside these "hundreds" contains huge void - Log In - which is virtually absent not only familiar to us opaque substance, but even such a tenuous matter, as the interstellar and intergalactic gas. This is the antimatter, cosmic background radiation existed before the Big Bang, global substance not only absorbs the light and the whole galaxy, but is an essential key to their existence.
Shamans and people skills at all times aware of the space where it is not as time, but especially on how to actively anti-world absorbs light, and is also the source of its existence. Because this knowledge is practical, light without darkness can not exist. Knowledge is reflected in the remaining of the culture of the shamans signs and images, in particular the image solstice.
The principle of reciprocity heteropolar energy-flow and feedback - the fundamental when working with external information field. Man - the operating model of the universe - therefore he lives and is arranged on the same principles - a permanent energy-exchange. We want to or not, this exchange takes place outside our awareness. Translate these processes in a conscious, visible and understood - it is an evolutionary step that people skills were at all times, so this knowledge is as valid today.
Our perception of reality is constructed only within a certain energy-spectrum, but the ability of perception vysokoinformatsionnogo frequency spectrum is, they only need to develop. The most perfect indicator of the quality of ongoing metabolic processes may be only a vision. At least, the color vision of Energy flows.
In this case, should not be confused, and learn to distinguish imaginative vision of his subconscious, his astral projection and situational. Of course, to know your subconscious mind, too, needed a lesson. But this knowledge vision should not override the basic, the lessons of the external field and planetary energies. It is necessary to know exactly the difference, as well as the art of coherence of its main core of the subconscious information with external information fields. The external field in terms of information is almost unlimited, as well as the physical manifestation of our universe. Their border is where the light ends, and infinitely expands at light speed. This - Information outbreak planetary matrix. We are accustomed to perceive only the outer edge of physical and biological processes, building on the material plane. But any physical phenomenon is an information plan, which can be directly perceived by direct vision.
Physicists proved the ability of perception by the human eye only one photon. In addition people can see in the ultraviolet spectrum. In addition to the perception of light elements people, like any living creature, is their source. But the nature of photons, there is a person completely different. Each photon carries all the information about the substance at a given time. And this information becomes the property of the external field, so you can submit it to the power of information.
The external field often perceived as the flow of energy is the primary vision, perhaps a vision of geometric structures or complex structures - hundreds of information. Vision is already a conscious contact, the first step toward conscious control of energy. All these processes can be implemented only through the unconscious man, namely the purification and preparation of internal information for the kernel is the main goal of primary education in Cosmoenergetics.
Space frequency as such, it is aligned to a specific intention to energy-flows of external field. In order to do this correctly the vision is not enough energy, you need to know exactly what and for what you are doing, in other words one needs to know the path. This knowledge has always been the property of the elect, and this, too, laid a lot of sense, but to use existing technologies to communicate with the external field are many, almost all those who are seriously so wish.
Cosmoenergetics developed by discarding unnecessary and harmful to human energy, cut side effects of frequency, it was a way of experiments, sometimes very risky. But the history of medicine and pharmacology is replete with such experiences, as indeed, any discovery or invention. But the experiment to experiment - discord, the risk must always be justified, a clear knowledge of primary necessity. Aims Cosmoenergetics were valid and are essential to people, as during the opening of the first frequency, and now. Each year, the development of our system of knowledge is becoming more dynamic, it is necessary to address new and more complex tasks, but also the technology available now, not like the fact that work twenty years ago.
Power of the frequency appears only through the prism of the right of the aligned intentions, and an art space intentions, the relationship is difficult and often incomprehensible to many, for all its apparent simplicity and accessibility, new technologies are evident in the relationship, harmony and unity with the external field. The vision of the information structures of the external field almost immediately gives the possibility to consciously work with the field. The very first thing - color display threads - the universal language of energy. The color flow of the external field can obtain up to date on current information, such as a possible threat, or vice versa at rest. The more difficult task - deciphering the geometrical structures, in the first place already described Vladimir Aleksandrovich Petrov frequency geometric Houtte. This information is already in more detail, and all direct vision precludes the possibility of error. This level of work with the field - a direct perception - is fundamentally different from the figurative reading, astral key, clairvoyance, there is very large percentage of errors.
In parallel with the proofreading of information in vision is a direct visible interaction with the external field energy information flow, redirecting, strengthening their work-energy built in a precise intention, or in an automated manner, the implementation of the desired goals and objectives, and even getting on the intent of the new frequency. This is the practical level of Maga, the new level of responsibility and relationship with the external field. Such knowledge can not get myself to myself, in rare cases, people are born with these abilities, the majority of this learning through the lessons of the subconscious, configuring the inner core, not only for the necessary energy, but also trained him to act. In this process of learning is very much changing the consciousness of man, his perception of reality. It may take a strong revaluation, the destruction of the old personality and the emergence of a new, kollapticheskie states of consciousness, depressed, out of subconscious negative. This risk is justified, is to find inspiration, new states, in the end, the correct settings are doing their job, a person goes to a new level of awareness, ongoing monitoring and accountability. This is a new acting personality psychology, it works, and recently all these metamorphoses take place efficiently and expeditiously.
The first lessons of the subconscious always come from the teacher, is testing and tuning his level of work with the field. In the future, the student can receive lessons directly from the external field, in this sense, the right Yakut proverb that teaches the shaman taiga. Lessons of the external field, the great insights and discoveries, which have nothing to say to the uninitiated, the one who does not see, simply is out of this. This is a completely different life, it is ideal is built, it affects the higher order of life that have emerged from nothing, from the chaos of everyday life.
In fact, the chaos of human life, the meaninglessness of his affairs, it is an illusion, the real world is subordinate to the higher order, the absolute energy matrix can be seen and then fully convinced that this is so. Indeed, some say that not a hair falls from the head without the knowledge of the Creator. The order and hierarchy in the world was and is, if people can not see it does not mean that they are not. There is also an ideal error-free mechanisms for managing complex information systems on which we'll talk. Just look inside the structure of matter at the molecular level, the structure and operation of a living cell, DNA structures, and understand that the chaos in our world is a new phenomenon and erroneous. How difficult is designed human body, what a great set of clear processes in it takes place in each fraction of a second, and it is only visible to us, a small part of the process. Matrix Creator is boundless understanding, and she lives, works in each of us, the ancient books do not lie ever. This person only a grain, in the boundless ocean environment on the living universe.
Chaos - the reverse side of order, their interaction, but rather a permanent change of any form of energy from chaos to order - an indispensable element of the existence of all information systems. Take the example of neuro-synaptic transmission, the process of passing in the body permanently. Let's say you touched the hot object. In the first to react skin receptors, then the information goes through a lot of nerve cells - neurons in the brain. Neurons - holistic energy-structure, is absolutely in order, but here the connection between them is at the level of protein molecular reactions in the synapses, ie, in chaotic systems. Apocalypse 2012.

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