2012: doomsday, or road in the future?

Doomsday 2012

December 21, 2012 - the day of the winter solstice. In the Mayan calendar, the day ends with 5126-year cycle. Maya believed that this day will a movement of the Earth, which would entail the destruction of our civilization. On the same day will the parade of planets. Do the predictions of doomsday in 2012 some kind of truth? Cosmic clock. Should we expect in 2012, the end of a modern civilization, living on planet Earth? It must be remembered that significant events in the world do not happen without any given order, haphazardly and spontaneously, in disagreement with the cosmic laws. Everything has its time and place. We have to figure out whether such a moment occurs in 2012 in connection with some kind of cosmic cycles. First, let us turn to Plato - one of the main authorities in the field as a terrestrial and celestial philosophy, a disciple of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle, who lived for 400 years before our era. In it we find the concept, then called in honor of the author - "Year of Plato," equal to 26,000 Earth years, which is great Mirotvorny cycle. This cycle is related to the precession of the Earth's axis, ie, its cone movement, through which you can see how all the "fixed" stars of heaven are slow path through the zodiac. "Platonic Year" consists of four large cycles, and they were linked to the turning points in the landmark Earth's history, each shift which can be correlated with the conventional doomsday. Change of major cycle occurs when the vernal equinox, or, in astrological terms, zero degrees of Aries falls in one of the four "fixed" stars of heaven, which, in astronomy and astrology are called the Guardians of Heaven. They form an imaginary cross. Two stars of the cross is considered to be positive - it is lying on a straight line Guardians of the North and South - Regulus and Fomalhaut. Adrugie two, through which passes the so-called "axis of disasters", negative. It Guardians of the West and East - Antares and Aldebaran. (When the axis of interest, Aldebaran is projected onto one of the planets of the solar system (especially the slow planets), then place local disasters: disaster, flood, earthquake. In 1999-2000. Along the axis of "walking" Pluto - the planet of destruction, mass disasters).

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Over a period of 26000 years is the whole point of equinoctial Zodiac, and once in 6500, meets one of the Guardians of Heaven. When the zero degrees of Aries coincides with a good star, then the positive developments, as well as a negative, then place different types of global catastrophe. These four stars are still associated with the ancient four elements: Regulus - Fire, Fomalhaut - Air, Aldebaran - the Earth, and Antares - Water. Spillage of the vernal equinox on Aldebaran always was full of great crustal movements, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Under the star Antares was time to deluge. A flourishing of the finest civilizations took place under the Regula and Fomalhaut. But in these times, too, not without turmoil. Due to the impact guard of the North Star Regulus mankind received the gift of fire, but was forced to experience the Ice Age. At one of the coils under the star Fomalhaut emerged, though not without the intervention of the space brothers, one of the oldest human civilization - civilization arctic-dy, where according to legend, was inhabited by the ancient Aryans, the ancestors of the white race. We live under the influence of Guardian of the East - the star Aldebaran, the projection of which hit the point of the vernal equinox about 5000 years ago. In this cycle of humanity will live about 2000 years until the vernal equinox does not connect with the star Fomalhaut, which will complete the next great world round. But in 2012 the transition of a large loop does not fall. In big cycles, there are medium and small loops. By the middle cycle is changing astrologicheskihepoh - following one another in the opposite direction, starting from and ending with Pisces Aries. They can be called the space for months. Duration of each month - 2160 years. The transition from one era to another does not occur instantaneously, and stretched for some time. At the beginning of the third millennium, we entered the era of Aquarius, Pisces, the change of epochs. It could be this point of the transition count for the "hour X", but according to myth, Aquarius holds two vessels: one dead in the water that heals wounds, and another - is alive, returns to life. If you are here and it smells the end, it somehow reassuring, like an old tale, which was enlivened by Ivan Tsarevich, Age of Aquarius should unite people and the state in a single human doomsday 2012 civilization where freedom, cooperation, friendship and openness will be the principal organizing factors. Now we have entered during the transition from the old civilizations scattered era of Pisces to the common terrestrial civilization era of Aquarius, where we'll live a 2160 years. One can assume that in 2012 will complete the transition periods, although many astrologers believe that the age of Aquarius has already officially entered into its own several years ago. Now look at the small cycles - the days of the space, or 72-year period. The history of mankind is constructed from the lucky and unlucky 72-year era. And it depends on whether, how the star of the sky matches the vernal equinox. So, except for the Guardians of Heaven and signs of the zodiac, the earth civilization affect all the stars of the sky. Currently we live in an era that began in 1993. Then at zero degrees of Aries was projected onto the star from the constellation Pegasus - Sheat. Pegasus the winged horse is not only poets, he can expand the scope for human space and time, and may carry on his back horsemen of the Apocalypse. What we fear certain in 2012 - we live in an era of the Apocalypse and Doomsday, which the small loop will be completed in 2065. doomsday 2But the findings do early. The world has changed: the planetary cycles. In cycles associated with the distant sky, there are also loops that exist within our solar system. A factor of global change are the cycles and connections slow planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The most frequent connections pair Jupiter-Saturn. This pair of planets indicates a change in social processes, politics and big business (although it partly controls Pluto). Cyclicity and sequence of connection of the pair of planets astrologers and astronomers correlated with major events in world history. This cycle is called Zoroastrian, as the main development in this area belong to the Zoroastrian astrologers about III-VII century AD. The cycle of Jupiter-Saturn is about 20 years. Here, too, have small, medium and large cycles. For small loop taking three compounds planets, roughly equal to 60 years, or more precisely 59.578 years. An extensive series of compounds is 40 (return to the starting point of the Zodiac) - is 794.36 Earth years. The last time this connection was the year 28/05/2000, but it belongs to the small loop. Near to us the connection, referring to the middle cycle (200 years) - 26. 01. 1842. Next is the connection is 21. 12. 2020. doomsday 3But we are with you in connection with investigations of alleged 2012 doomsday is important only to those compounds in which there is a change of nature. The fact that compound 4 are in the range of one element, then move to another. This is a time of great social and political upheavals. Element in which there is a connection, indicates the nature of disasters (provided that the other major planets indicate disasters). For example, the connection in the sign of the earth - in the earthquake, water - floods, etc. The great connections Jupiter and Saturn are correlated with the advent of the prophets. It is important to us because Judgment (he is often correlate with the global end of the world) is associated with the second coming of Christ. But in 2012 such great connections are foreseen. So we can talk only about the changes (even global) within any one or more similar civilizations. But where exactly it happens, tell us the elements. Since 1981, it will connect to the air element, which includes the scales (there was a ternary compound during 1981), Aquarius and Gemini. Countries under these signs and affect big change. The triple compound in a sign of an emphasis on the country. In our case, this points to the UK and China, who oversees the Libra. Can a long and detailed talk about the connections and interactions of other slow planets which are very important for us for some parameters. For example, compounds of Uranus and Neptune, associated with the reforms and revolutions. The last one was in late 1992 - early 1993. It is important ingression (entry) distant planets in a sign of progress, especially as a sign of his strength or zero degrees of Aries. Zero degrees Aries generally associated with the beginning of great changes. By 2012, applies only two ingression of this type - repeated "festivities" of Uranus in Aries is the first to degree and reuse "festivities" Neptune the first to degree of Pisces - the place of power the world. Ingression or threaten the compounds of the planet Pluto's mass disasters during this period is not observed. So, we'll have detailed information on significant planetary cycles, and can firmly say that none of them have not given us guidance on the end of the world in 2012. Pointer to rock 2012. It remains for us to gather circumstantial factors and to investigate in detail astrological charts of important astronomical and astrological situations that may give us at least some indication of the fact that in 2012 actually appointed end of the world, even a local one. In 2012, there are several important dates. First, the inclusion of the triple numbers 12/12/2012, secondly, the parade of the planets on December 21, thirdly, the solar eclipse on November 13. There is another factor. The question will be an era of division. In the Bible, it is designated as a separate grain from chaff. In Avestan sources of information is stored that between God and the devil had entered into an interim agreement that man himself could not decide which side it to be. And the agreement was terminated at a time when the Lord will be sacred words uttered by 22, called Ahunvar encoded in 22 Senior lassoes Taro. It is believed that these words have been spoken, when Jupiter (the personification of the cosmic law) fell 22 fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy. And from that moment every year, takes effect next Senior lasso (count starts from larger to smaller). If in 2012 ended in this countdown, it could be assumed that an era of segregation, which in some way to change lives. But in 2012, included lasso Emperor, who embodies the principle of the victory of order over chaos, is a hierarchical implementation possibilities contained in the Absolute. And if you combine this information with the information included triple the number of 12.12. 2012, it turns out that with the direct intervention of higher powers of humanity will be given a lesson transition to a new round of evolution, but not the transition itself, which could be somehow compared to the end of the world. What will this lesson? Let's look at the astrological chart of the day under the name of 12.12. 2012. Immediately struck by one configuration - the connection of Jupiter of the Dark Moon in Gemini, which is projected on the star Aldebaran. This star does not bring anything good, but in this situation it clearly indicates the misfortune, perhaps, the violent death of a senior person who has a relationship to the sign of Gemini (possibly the country under the Gemini), which would have further consequences in world politics. This configuration may indicate a loss of certain information channels, a serious crisis of the fourth power, no way to relate the mass media. In addition, there are indicators on the big diplomatic row with unpleasant consequences. It is important that the situation closely and endorses its white Moon of the sign of Libra (monitors justice!), In addition, the configuration is under the influence of three distant planets: Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. I must say that Jupiter is three times to enter the compound with the projection of Alda-ram - before and after December 12, which confirms the intention. Karmic aspect of Neptune to Jupiter shows the rapid payment of karmic debt, leaves the choice up to the death. Uranus makes aspect to Jupiter, called the aspect of purification, or death. This aspect of Avestan astrology associated with the inclusion of sverhmirovyh laws that relate to our world. This whole situation is complicated, involving the inclusion of the Superior forces, but not global character. A ratio of Pluto to the conjunction of Jupiter with the Black Moon and Aldebaran points fall on the premise of one political system and create a new premise. So the negative situation locally in one country could create conditions for change in other countries and states. A reception of Pluto and Saturn indicates irreversible systemic changes in the public system until the destruction of this system. The human face - yes, but a global catastrophe global scale is not visible. There are in this reception and other indicators of a reference to a temporary glitch, maybe replacing the usual rhythms and certainly change attitudes. Now take a look at the map of the solar eclipse of 13 November. Exactly 30 days before the date of 12.12.2012 triple eclipse in Scorpio near the ascending node, we predicted fatal circumstances in the very near future. In the map of the eclipse included two very scary star - Algol (translated from Arabic means the devil) and Unuk-Elhayya. In addition, the map of the eclipse can be traced intervention of higher powers in the form of some kind of punishment. It is important to note that the eclipse will occur in North America, Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, which means that these regions and it will have the greatest impact. When constructing the maps of the eclipse on Nov. 13, 2012 in New York included the circumstances it is fatal for this country. Square Pluto to Uranus also confirms some disastrous circumstances, and in particular we can talk about some kind of sacrifice that will bring in a single system (the country, activities). But this same aspect can talk about the ideal solution to the crisis. Uranus in Aries in the square to Pluto may be an indication of the catastrophe Uranian type - a global power failure, the fall of global television and Internet network-wide communications system. Or consider a giant lightning strike, volcanic eruption, initiated by some celestial phenomenon, such as the fall of a small meteorite. Yet the end of the world, this configuration is not predicted yet, because of all looked after by White Moon. As for the parade of planets on December 21, then in this configuration, there is no sinister global threats. The only thing that catches your eye in an astrological map of events - the road ahead, marked ascending node in Scorpio (the sign of death and transfiguration), who recently participated in the map of the eclipse. It is obvious that by the time the parade of planets local (perhaps personal), the victim had to be brought, and humanity will be able to look through the slightly open door of the cosmos, having learned of transfiguration. So whether right Maya? Well, yes and no. The fact that the times are changing and we must change, otherwise we will not be able to easily step into the future - is true. And the fact that we all die - it is not. Incidentally, do not forget where the Maya lived and to which territories in the first place are their bleak predictions. 2012 doomsday.

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