Earth and its role in the processes of the universe and the entire Universe. December 2012

Earth role
Earth role in the universe

World of Earth is an experimental laboratory, where the selection is made of new forms of consciousness. At the moment the Earth has a special role. This is due to the special conditions of life existence of life forms. Psychosphere Earth contains a specific virus transmutation of consciousness.

Originally, the Earth, as an experimental base was created with a specific set of frequency characteristics corresponding to the original design parameters. For a long time was in a reserved state because Psychosphere Earth checked the stability of these design parameters.

In one audit of this experimental base occurred unauthorized discharge transmutiruyuschego virus one of the laboratories Negative Systems, the leading work on the unauthorized removal of virus mutation of Consciousness. At that time the facts were hidden from the dumping of the Group Supervisor, and the presence of the virus had not been recorded in subsequent audits. The virus was dormant.

After settling of the Earth life forms for a long time failed to record any deviations of the frequency characteristics of the object (the Earth) from the designed parameters.

It should be clarified as follows.

When you deploy the experimental work on the new object (the Earth), the initial stage of the experiment is on a rigid, pre-tested program that helps further identify gaps in project work and eliminate them to ensure the «pure conditions» for the proper unfolding of the experiment itself.

After some time of life processes on Earth began to deviate from the pre-defined parameters. Analysis of the initial stage and processing the collected statistical material led to the conclusion about the presence of the Earth Psychosphere certain substance, causing deviation of the vital processes of the specified parameters.

With the help of appropriate methods, this substance was found. She was a new type of virus, mutated Consciousness. This information was noted and the meeting of the Council of the Karmic Universe made a decision to continue carrying out experimental work on Earth.

Thus, on Earth 2012 (due to the presence psihovirusa) there is a situation conducive to enhancing life processes. The situation itself is recognized as very unique. Given that it took some extra time to study the evolution of Consciousness in the new environment and gather more information about the mechanisms of its action, there is a slight lag time of life processes. It is also noted that the chaotic processes on Earth, exceeding permissible limits.

It should be noted that the Grand Plan of Creation of the Infinite Consciousness is implemented in a phased manner within a specific time segments. In reality, Earth time, these stages are known as the Great Cycle.

According to the Plan of Creation on Earth ends with the next stage of the Grand Experiment. Statistical material accumulated and processed, all information is collected, processed and taken into account.

Earth as a pilot project, translated into a new phase, that is, set new parameters for the continued functioning of the system.

Translation of the Earth in the new conditions - is a quantum leap to a new Earth orbital. Reference time (on the earthly concept of time) passing through the point of a new stage (cycle) - December 2012.

Quantum transition involves testing of a hierarchical system of this universe, since this hierarchical system is also a pilot and is subject to testing in a planned manner in order to verify its effectiveness.

Earth role 2
Earth role in the universe 2
What created the Earth?

Since its creation, and until this point in time the Earth is under scrutiny Higher Powers of the Cosmos, as the planet was created with a purpose to accomplish important strategic objectives.

Goals of this planet are as follows:

1. Gradual saturation of information planetary zones of different energy levels and fixation of this information in certain energy structure of the planet. This process corresponds to the creation of an information-based Bank of the Universe based on the planetary system of the Earth. «Living Library» - This name appears in some terrestrial information sources. Earth, as «Living Library» is produced by the Bank Information Universe.

2. Creation on the basis of the planetary system of the Earth Intergalactic Learning Center Shower and essences. The main activities of the Center - work in practice skills Unity various categories Shower and various hierarchical system by passing a variety of life lessons. Previously we can say that summarized the principles of this methodology are reflected in the «scientist Mikhail».

One of the important lessons in the way of evolutionary development Shower is a lesson of understanding the principles of the True Unconditional Love - agape. At this point in time on the Planet forming conditions that will allow the souls dwell in the given time in the earthly realm, the most effective pass this life lesson. The work will be conducted among the hierarchical system.

3. Building on the basis of the planetary system of the Earth core foundation for a new creative unit (TE). «Cradle of Peace» - this is the name of the project. Purpose - to lay the foundation for a new 18-th of the Universe. More information about this project Hierarchy of Infinite Soul will tell later.

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