Law of Time and the global economic crisis 2012 - a view from 2012

Economic Crisis"And if you have money and wealth, and you hear these words, and explained to you curse the time 12:60 and 13:20 time blessing, but do not doubt you, and to dispense charity. Helps children orphaned by war, anxious to restore the Earth, and let it flourish once again an act of art and culture. Good to these things diligently, for soon become witnesses to the end of the money. There will be spilled over heady wine of Babylon fornication, and then what will you do with your paper-based credit and useless machines ".

Telektonon Pacal Votan, Chapter XVII, "Prophets of Peace awaken", verse 108.

In all the endless talk of "global financial crisis 2012", it seems, no one remembers the "second law of thermodynamics". He describes the entropy - the inevitable tendency of energy to the dispersion, the law affects all manifestations of a three-dimensional material and physical plane of reality. Turns out that this law defines the world of materialism, as well as artificial means, which controls this world and dominate it - money.

The impression is that nobody wants to think about the old adage, "that rises must fall". Manipulator's reality that rules the world using ruthless "money hand", believe that the only direction the money - it is growth. When this line rushes down, they start to exhibit strange behaviour. In fact, money alone does not represent the values in the space of reality, so why so upset? And they're all treading water and are afraid to utter the word "recession". The myth of progress has burst like a soap bubble.

Global Economic crisis

Poor, poor banks! Governments are scurrying around, uncertainly sending huge amounts of money in the hope of saving these impoverished banks and their elite class from the wreck. Seems no one remembers another saying: "rob Peter to pay Paul". The taxpayer - that Peter and Paul - a banker. All these attempts to bring back memories of another instruction: "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty fell off in my sleep. Neither the king's horses, nor the royal army could not collect humpty-dumpty ".

At least, with the collapse of investment bank "Lehman Brothers", and employees of its London office learned that now they do not work, they resourcefully played the "REM's", "This is the end of the world as we knew him, but I feel fine".



Yes, it is very handy. But when you're holding all the cards and dictated the rules of the game, and your house of (credit) cards collapsed, you still do not want to believe that the game is over. Yes, the game is finished, the system has been destroyed and the damage may be irreversible. Biosphere waiting for this moment for a long time, because until the bankers control the world, knew very Biosphere: "What's good for business, bad for the biosphere".

Now the alignment has changed. Perhaps it's too late to stop global warming, however, the main root of the problem is close to his death in your local currency exchange office. This is a problem of this kind, which can not decide how much money is not allocated to the government. You can not cancel the effect of the second law of thermodynamics on the money! You really need to remove the blinders and see what's new and what's really happening in the Great Universe.

When the 2012 is only four years, why not become smarter. There were still a bit of money, much of which was withdrawn from the investment and mortgage banks during the panic in the crash of the system. Instead of them tucked away until such time when the old world, nothing would work, consider what useful can be done with these remaining money - to feed people, to establish gardens, planted forests, to support the development of new non-polluting technologies. Yes! Provide a completely different world, a world in which time more than money, where the time - this is art.

There are still a bit of old time, so if you have funds and think to put them in a new world, a new vision of reality. Why not use what you have left to create the foundations of the next evolution of the order - the noosphere.

You see: money, banks, war and taxes - all that is history. And the value of 2012, if you did not hear is that it is - end of story. You do not need no better evidence than they are now a commonplace phrase "the global financial crisis 2012". That's right, the end of history is the beginning of something better - a new time, sonastroennogo with natural natural cycles and rhythms of the universe.

"Do you need a weatherman to know where the wind blows".
Bob Dylan

An excellent opportunity where you could focus its responsiveness, is "Anthroposphere First World Congress, representing the Earth as a work of art", which will be held in Bali, Indonesia, 18-22 July 2009 (22-26 days of the moon, the Space Electric Storm). If the world falls through the earth, there has to someone to save the world? What we need is a fresh look, a new action plan and new leadership to navigate to and destiny of mankind. If we get something at a reasonable level will be able to figure out how to consume the rest of our money and, at least, to find the basis of the noosphere - a new cycle of human evolution, established in 2012.

First World Anthroposphere Congress, representing the Earth as a work of art.

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