Mysteries of the Mayan 2012 calendar

One of the most interesting and mysterious gift of ancient to modern civilization - is a calendar mayan.

Maya where it all disappeared. For a long time - more than a thousand years ago. Since no one saw and did not even know why they disappeared. Some historians believe that civilization destroyed the feud, the other - that mayyantsy died as a result of some natural disasters. And to us they left their beautiful stone pyramids and fortresses, its writing, impressive for the ancient civilization of knowledge in mathematics and astronomy. One of the most interesting and mysterious gift of the ancient Indians of modern civilization - is the Mayan calendar.

Mayan Calendar 2012 System

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The ancient Maya knew that the interest in their knowledge of revival. This knowledge - spiritual transmission across time and space to us living in the end times. To study the calendar and everyone can, it reveals telepathy and clairvoyance in humans and provides information to a new awakening of consciousness. This information has been "sealed" for the perception of people to a certain point - that is, the current ongoing years.
How and where arose this knowledge? There is a version that the calendar Mayan had inherited it from a more ancient civilization of the Olmec. Indeed, in the territory of the ancient Olmec settlement near the city of La Venta found a ceramic cylinder with engraved 3 Ahau (day of the Muslim calendar). Radiocarbon analysis showed that the subject in 2350 years. Some researchers believe that the calendar began in 1300 BC in the prime of Olmec culture. In one version appears wise ruler tall with white skin, that is not characteristic for people with red race. This ruler invented writing and gave the Indian people the knowledge of the Sacred Calendar. In other variants of the creators of the calendar referred to God Itsamna, and the Plumed Serpent, and daddy and grandparents of people. There is another version that this knowledge was known in Atlantis, and that the earthlings he has trained more advanced civilization of the constellation Pleiades. And here is another interesting version of divine beings - four Jaguars, who arrived on Earth after the Flood, to restore the flow of life. After the great flood the earth was covered with layers of fog and clouds and the sun's rays do not fall to the ground. Four Jaguars found a favorable place in the mountains of Guatemala and held ceremonies of Fire and dispersed the clouds and mist, and left people a lot of gifts, among which were "threads of light" - the twenty sacred calendars:
1. Ishim TUN - 130 days. This calendar for agriculture. The cycle of maize.
2. IOM TUN - 180 days. Microcycle insects (bees).
3. Tzolkin - 260 days. This cycle of human biorhythms. This calendar is considered sacred and most important in the Mayan calendar science.
4. TUN - 360 days. Sacerdotal calendar. Perfect harmony with the cycles of the planets, stars and galaxies.
5. SOC TUN - 364 days. The cycle of the bat. 13 months to 28 days each. Calendar mayan Prophecies.
6. IR TUN - Lunar calendar. Phases of the Moon. 29-30 days. Cycles of women. 13 full moon.
7. Haab - 365 days - another important cycle - circulation of the Earth around the Sun. 18 months and 20 days + 5 additional days. This is the most accurate in the world calendar. According to modern atomic clocks length of the solar year is 365.2422 ... days. For the ancient Maya - 365.2420 ...
8. KIHEB - 400 days. Another prophetic calendar.
9. MUCHUCHU MIL - 18980 days. 52-year-old calendar. The cycle of the Pleiades. Sacred Circle, "a bunch of years" or "crook years. Connects Tzolkin and Haab. 52 year Haab = 73 year Tzolkin.
10. Chol TUN - 260 years. Calendar is similar to the Tzolkin, but did not consider the days and years. Macrocosmic cycle.
11. Komal TUN - 520 years - the solar calendar prophetic calendar.
12. Tic TUN - divided into 2 cycles. First - Bologna Chiku 9 x 52 = 468 years - the circle of Hell. Second - OR LAHUN tic - 13 x 52 = 676 years - the circle of heaven. It is also a prophetic calendar.
13. Ahau TOON cycles of 7200 days, approximately 20 years each, which are called Katun. This is a prophetic calendar every 20 years.
14. OR LA-hoon baktuns 13h144000 = 1,872,000 days, or roughly 5125 years. Is a long account. Prophetic calendar. Notes the era - the Sun.
Also known calendar in 819 days. This cycle is related to reincarnation. Other calendars are not public. Maya believes that it is not yet time to disclose.
Modern Guatemalans believe that the altars in sacred places burns the same fire that once lit the gods Jaguars, which was not even a single day that he was repaid. And now in our days near the altar, where the fire burns, miracles happen, people are healed. Traditional training calendar science through the ceremony of fire, which shall Ah'kin - Keepers of Days, Indian priests, shamans Calendar.
In the mass consciousness of the inhabitants of modern Russia, the first information about the culture of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, began to penetrate through the popular books of Carlos Castaneda, and H. Arguelles. Unfortunately, until now very few people know that Mayan hieroglyphs were deciphered in the USSR Yu Knorozov our scientists back in the 50th years of XX century, and he was awarded the Silver Order of the Aztec Eagle, which is awarded by the Mexican government to foreign citizens who have made exceptional contributions to Mexico.

Mysterious prediction of 2012 mayan calendar

Many experts on the Maya argue that these ancient Indians knew the device of the universe. This allowed them to predict that the day of 21 December 2012 will occur on the Earth global event, which abruptly change the course of history. Details of this message did not reach us, and researchers are still trying to figure out what they meant intelligent Indians. Many tend to assume that because the Mayan predicted end of the world. Others believe that the Earth a new era, an era of spiritual enlightenment. And they say our astronomers?

First of all, this is the winter solstice. But it happens every year - like not a good idea for the space revolution. But besides this, December 21, 2012, our Earth and the Sun will be in line with the center of our galaxy. But it is already impressive. Imagine mayyantsy more than a thousand years predicted a nontrivial cosmic phenomenon! But they did not even have lenses and telescopes. His observations of stars and planets they were using a narrow slit. What we promise is an astronomical event, today's scientists do not know. As they say, wait - we shall see.

What 13-year-Lun

Mexican writer, painter and mystic, Jose Arguelles, examining the legacy of the Maya, has created a whole spiritual teachings. Arguelles claims that we, modern humans live in a mechanistic time. What he has in mind?

Year of the Gregorian calendar, which now lives almost the entire world, consists of raznovelikih months: then 30, then 31, then generally 28 days. This sequence of numbers to pick someone at random and not consistent with the rhythms of nature. In addition, people divide the hours of dial into 12 parts, and an hour to 60 minutes. And these figures are human beings as if they took out of nowhere. Jose believes that living in this artificial time, the person loses touch with nature, the cosmos, forget their highest values. A civilization had lost touch with their own biosphere, enters a phase of self-destruction.

From an artificial system of accounts time 12:60 Arguelles proposes to move to developed their natural calendar system 13:20. It is based on the proposed calendar Jose 13-year-Lun.

"Beautiful course, but nothing special" - would say stolid historian, a connoisseur of the ancient world - "Lunar calendars were in other ancient civilizations: for instance, the Egyptians, Chinese and Muslims."

What is the natural numbers 13 and 20? Jose contends that the frequencies of some cosmic radiation, sent to us by the Sun and the galactic center. And they are reflected even in the structure of the human body: a man 20 fingers and toes, and the skeleton has 13 major joints.

In addition, the calendar mayan month of 13-year-moon is 28 days, and this, as we know, the lunar cycle, which is consistent with many natural and biological processes. This, for example, ocean tides and the menstrual cycle in women.

Part of the teachings of Jose Arguelles is a system similar to European astrology. Using the Tzolkin and a technique of calculation, the date of his birth a person can identify tendencies, the strengths of his personality and get a kind of personal message on his life.

Comments researcher Mayan culture

Explain the meaning of the calendar 13-year-Lun, we asked the researcher Mayan culture:

- What is the purpose of the calendar 13-year-Lun?

mayan calendar

- The calendar 2012 mayan - a way to return the rights to the natural time to the rhythms that exist in nature. The fact that our galactic center emits pulses of energy that carries a certain quality. The period of this radiation is equal to 260 days. In each of the days are emitted by certain characteristics, certain information assumption, which is repeated in exactly 260 days. We can not know and to arrive in the condition in which we are. Unfortunately, mankind has invented the mechanical clock, which do not measure the true time. They invented the character of our time. Look: arrow runs from one point to another, and we believe this particular time. This dimension of space, not time. This is something conditional. But as we have taken for the truth for themselves, then we are living this truth. But it is - the truth in quotation marks. This time - this is a natural time. And if a person knows about this, and try to attune to it, consciously using your mind, then it will be harmonious.

Imagine the universe as a huge orchestra. And it is a planet, the Earth - it is a small string. And here is the main string is not working here - this is humanity. It does not understand for themselves what it is and how you can sound so as not to interfere with the orchestra, pour into it, and then receive and force the whole orchestra. Anyone who gets out, it not only prevents others. Whole of a small string orchestra is difficult to prevent. But the string itself is destroyed. And destroying the environment that gave birth to her. That is how we are destroying the Earth. Balanced - it sonastroennost with cosmic orchestra. And we fall out of harmony than destroying ourselves. Here is what is happening on Earth - this is our dissonance that causes this reaction. You know, Jose tells the remarkable thing: "You ever seen an ugly sunrise or sunset?" In nature, everything is in harmony, perfectly. And only a person manages to destroy it all, and therefore himself.

Anyone who comes in contact with the Tzolkin, will be able to determine which carried the message of his birthday. Because it is the destiny of man in this life. On the other hand, the Tzolkin, his study, gives a person an opportunity to feel, to feel that every day variables, each day is a new quality. And if we meet these changes, in the plastic, then we will live life fully. Philosophers say: "can not enter twice in the same water." Yes, we have already come out from the other. And have a great phrase, Heraclitus said: "The world has always only one thing - change."

mayan calendar

- How do you think, where this knowledge came to the Mayan people?

- Maya left the material culture of our land. And through it we saw a lot of objects that reflected the expense of days. And it was a bit strange. Were stele, there were some sculptures, pyramids, which portrayed the cycles of time. Whole culture in material terms has left many traces of relationship with the rhythms of the cosmos. And it was somewhat unclear, yet this knowledge does not become complete. Thanks to Jose Arguelles is knowledge to be restored. Those tribes that were not preserved this knowledge, but in 1952 opened the tomb of Pacal Votan, a Mayan prophets. And there was an enormous amount of information in the form of drawings and other material objects. All of them were studied. Jose did that for forty years, to gather information, compile it. Ultimately, this gave understanding of the relationship cycle and information on each day. And now, if humanity can realize this and enter into these rhythms, it immediately becomes harmonious. This will help to make a very important step - to make the transition of human consciousness from the material thought to think intuitively. And by and large - are living life at the level of instincts, but at the level of intuition.

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It is often said that the Mayan 2012 calendar is the most accurate. How true this statement? Mayan astronomers were able to determine the duration of the solar year to 365.2420 days. That's only less than 0,0002 currently accepted values of the tropical year and corresponds to an error in one day for 5000 years. This gives grounds to conclude that the 2012 Mayan calendar was more precise, our modern Gregorian calendar. Accidental? Or Maya, indeed, possessed deep knowledge about the cosmic rhythms, the human mind, the nature of time? The fact that mankind seems to be to re-open in the very near future.

New time and new world (Mayan Calendar 2012)


Need to introduce the principal difference is due to modern science from the science of the ancients. These differences are generated by the illusion of linearity of historical time, dominant in European science, which can be expressed in terms "before" and "after". It is understood that civilization after some conditional terms are more developed than those that existed prior to this conditional terms. From this perspective, European scientists did not even allow the thought that some ancient civilization on the level of development could be above the modern western. This view contributed to two dogmas of modern science: 1) the linearity of historical time, and 2) the availability of technology as a compulsory measure of civilization ...
This technological progress has created and the dogma of the linearity of time. But nowhere in nature is not observed either straight lines or linear time. Not only in nature, but also in engineering all processes are cyclical. Concerning the development of civilizations, it looks like a schematic (Fig. 1)

where a - the birth; 0 - flourishing; w - the point of extinction and the transition to a new civilization. That is, the cycles of civilizations have the form of a sinusoid (Fig. 2):
In fact, the sine wave has the shape of a spiral or in the projection - the circle, where the points a and w may be the same (Fig. 3). Thus, if civilization is at the point w, then the highest point of its development - 0 - already behind. This vision gives us the opportunity to leave the scientific dogma and unbiased eye to explore the riddles of ancient civilizations, as well as overestimate their written sources, the most important of which are ancient myths ...

figure 3 figure 3

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