In 2012, accomplished the first phase of the transfer of people from the material plane in the astral, in the New World 2012, where the criterion of human development are not material interests, and the high level of consciousness.

New World 2102 (Tree)

This everyone should know!


"God created us without us, but to save us without us can not."
(St. Augustine, 1V century)

"USA can rescue a miracle."
(Alexander Men, Archpriest)

"Lord, if people start a nuclear war, how to stop it?"
- "I have people to turn off the electricity.
(From conversations with the Creator)

How to commend itself either to evaluate people, and whatever plans or build for the future, people are not aware of his "Tomorrow", and it will be the most unexpected.

Alarmed that the politico-religious conflicts, the rise in oil prices and the threat of global warming, people do not know that the universe began and is gaining momentum and energy process called - Quantum transition, which in the coming years will change the geometry of space and the universe will translate to the next stage of evolution -- In the new era!
Streams high photon energy to penetrate the earth and humanity transferred to a higher level of consciousness, in the four-dimension. Not everyone will survive in this cleansing process and significantly reduced the population of the planet!

Quantum transition COMPLETES centuries, independent stage of human existence in the material world.
In 2012, accomplished the first phase of the transfer of people from the material plane in the astral, in the New World, where the criterion of human development are not material interests, and the high level of consciousness.

Meaningless all long-term programs and projects, including a flight to Mars, and the Olympic Games in 2014 may not take place! On Earth, everything will change. The main thing - to have time to prepare the population for the energy impacts of the Space!

This sensational information about the quantum transition and the future of Russia Russia sends physicist, doctor of technical sciences, Academician of the Academy of Technological Sciences and Russia Academy of Natural Sciences, member of the European Business Congress Leonid Maslov, dealing with the environmental safety of the planet. New World 2012

New world 2012 prof

Professor of Corporate Institute of OAO Gazprom (1998 g and n. In.) Professor State University - Higher School of Economics, Visiting Professor of Theory of Solid State Physics: University of Cambridge, Sheffield, Nottingham and London (UK) , Stanford (USA), Stockholm (Sweden).

On global changes on Earth tell scientists from different countries. This is confirmed by ancient inscriptions and all contactees, and according to the calculations of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergei Kapitsa happen demographic "failure".
If the quantum transition reached its peak today, it would have survived only a few percent of the population!

Believing in the "omnipotence" of finance and technological progress, people were absolutely not ready for the outbreak of "restructuring" of the Universe,

This reluctance many times more dangerous than falling to earth of any of the asteroids, which are all so afraid. But before the real threat to people and close to show a remarkable carelessness and total lack of basic sense of self-preservation, bordering on recklessness! It's time to declare the New World 2012 anxiety and solve the problem at the level of governments and the UN.

New world

The entire path of development of mankind took place in aggressive wars, choosing the meaning of his life enrichment at any cost and ignoring the hints of higher powers. The best minds on Earth can not explain why a man lives? Cultivating greed, immoral madness and environmental chaos, people have lost direction and approached the edge of the abyss of nothingness.
Many hope that nothing terrible will happen and everything will resolve itself, or God will settle. But it turned out that without changing the people themselves do not dissolve the problem and not settled.
Only at the end of the world's way of life, or in moments of tragedy and disasters people remember about God, when nothing more can be done. But there would be no life lived in vain, nor climatic surprises, if people realized that the material - it is always secondary.

New world 2012 monkey

What we know about God? Yes, strictly speaking, nothing.
Today, mention of the word "God" as an argument in the dispute, many, and especially for academics, causes irritation and is perceived as frivolous.

The main condition of human existence is Faith!
But the people never would have cast doubt on the necessity of faith, if they knew that all the objects in the universe, including humans, are composed of the energy information (matter) various degrees of density and of different polarity (+) plus and (-) minus.
And there is one law of energy: "What took - so much he gave." It is the principal Act existence of the world and human existence.
Received a "free" health and endless energy minerals, designed specifically for the well off the life of every person to have the opportunity for self-improvement, people must return to the Creator positive energy through their thoughts and feelings.

Understand this, would never have to doubt that in the universe, in this strict energy system, there is a control center and there is a Creator who controls everything and does not allow for imbalance energy.
And the expression "Faith" is not only bore a religious meaning, but it would be a scientific statement of the existence of systems of energy and control forces of the universe. And no matter how the name of this force - Heavenly Father, God or Supreme Cosmic Intelligence.
It would seem that everything is very simple - you just take a step to understanding God. But for the people it was most difficult.

People imagined himself the only intelligent beings in the universe. Not knowing what the fire, thought, electricity or oil, and looking at the world level with a three-dimensional measurement (initial class of "knowledge of the Universe), people have chosen to enrich their lives through the struggle with nature and with their own kind, and recorded himself in the family to monkeys.

Because of the aggressiveness and the lowlands of manners, multiplied by the increase in population, the negative potential of humanity has exceeded 48%. 51% - this sentence - will begin an uncontrolled reaction and collapse.
The collapse of the Soviet Union, which, for all his faults, oriented population of high moral values and understanding that the main thing - not money, significantly accelerated the movement of mankind to self-destruction.

In the "eternal" opposition to the Spirituality of Russia and the "golden calf", the ruling in the U.S. - the Russians until they lose. Amateurs who led Russia had fulfilled its mission and "dropped" country on the very "bottom".
For the revival of Russia gave the creator of its current rulers of the opportunities that they do not even dreamed of. But they took a sample of ethics and morality "of the garden of capitalism" by cloning sins and vices, and creating a negative energy of great destructive power.
All further persuasion and preaching is useless.
Society, opting way "market", never stop the war, will never conquer corruption, will not be able to eliminate social injustice and not stop in the fall of morals.

A Sound "Thunder in heaven". August 26, 2004 an event occurred, whose importance is only beginning to be realized. On this day, without any external pomp, the Creator of all things (God and the Heavenly Father), virtual (virtue - Lat. - Virtue, energy, force ...) and intangible, whose existence is not an ongoing debate, a millennium after the treatment to Moses again announced himself and openly appealed to contemporary mankind, this time through a person in Russia!

Opponents will not link to multiple prophets and saviors. " There was the one thing that gives a way out of the impasse created by human beings.

The creator said that the situation on Earth has become so critical that he was obliged to intervene in the AMU human affairs and warned that continued disregard for human beings Higher forces unacceptable!

The tragedy of humanity is that people persist in trying to build their own society without regard to the Laws of the Cosmos, and without the participation of the Creator. But without understanding the structure of the world and man himself, as part of the universe, all the "... isms" offered by people who always fails, massacres and terror. This resulted in a deadlock.

Higher forces did not intervene in the affairs of men, if requested to do so the people themselves. But that does not begin on Earth all over again (as happened more than once), the Creator, as an exception to its own rules, took the unprecedented decision - to intervene in the affairs of people and convey new knowledge, explain the structure of the universe and human problems on Earth and in Eternity, without understanding that undergo quantum transition people themselves can not.

Quotations from the texts of the Creator speak for themselves.
"... People are - are energy phantoms and their relationship to the world is the interaction of human energy and the energy of the universe, with Love and Harmony relations give pulses of positive energy which strengthens the universe.
Behavior of man in society is the energy pulses of different length, different signs and, therefore, anger, hatred, and especially murder, is the pulse of negative energy enormous power and short-wave parameters.
Physicists know that the short waves have pervasive power, and therefore more dangerous, not only for the individual, but for all mankind, and, most importantly, they are dangerous to the Cosmos, which has a balanced energy mix.
War, war, local and global scale radiate into space such a powerful negative energy that it causes a negative energy excitation in the Cosmos.
That is why humanity is not only acting in self-destruction of the abundance of negative energy, but also causes an energy imbalance surrounding the Worlds surrounding civilizations.
Not only do you have a very young civilization, you have proved to be very fragile and very unbalanced, which causes anxiety surrounding the Worlds that require your destruction or bring you to a harmonious, balanced state of energy
These words do not add and subtract, you only need to understand that man was created by me for Task Space and Eternity, and if people expect a phantom power at the highest level, the level of the Spirit, he held, then: either Adjust this phantom or it is destroyed, the excess energy of the negative sign, leading to imbalance the system of world! "

What must say the Creator, to believers in God believe God? At all times it was a complicated process.
In the crucial period of human development a higher power to dictate the elected people (Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad) Knowledge about the Creator and the rules of life on Earth, emphasizing that the main thing - it is the improvement of man and his love for the Creator to the world and to their fellows. But Love must be understood primarily as a harmony of relationships.

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Gospel of Matthew, Ch. 19, Art. 24). This is the second main tip (which people are completely ignored). Money nobody canceled, but a man preoccupied enrichment is negative forces and uninteresting (lost) to the Creator, as incapable of self-improvement.
Man's consciousness should be developed according to the rule of "Golden Section", recommending a "golden" middle way between the vectors of Spirit and Matter.

Value of knowledge, the prophet, no doubt, but for thousands of years, in favor of the ruling parties, people are so distort (finished, removed and changed) the primary sources, which creates confusion, ambiguity and contradiction in the texts, sowing disunity and enmity among wishing to understand the truth. "But it is impossible to find the truth in the" dark "room, leaving the light of knowledge from the outside."
As a result of Religion - a doctrine of One God for all times and peoples, without which no progress of humanity, turned into a fragmented, conservative, dogmatic, and competing faiths, who fell behind in its development of modern society at the millennium.

The creator explains that, unfortunately, people who have chosen the most important mission preachers, educate people to faith in God, gave himself infinite and excludes all criticism, authority over their own kind. Preaching the eternal and good, they imagined themselves the "chosen" and, giving the power (which the Creator did not give them) became the name of God to manage Souls (which they do not belong). And for the "perpetuation" of its importance, composed and legalized multiple rituals and rites are absolutely meaningless to the Creator.

Life - it is always movement and development. All stopped - dead. This Act is subject to everything in the universe and, of course, science and religion.
But the clergy (all denominations) have turned themselves and their followers in the "prisoners" of dogma and Knowledge dictated by thousands of years ago and calculated the level of understanding of the world of ancient people. Trying to impose his flock "naphthalene" understanding of God, they have become a hindrance and obstacle in the search for truth and the free development of the consciousness of every person.
The terrible paradox, but now it is all the religions of the world, in the form in which they exist, are an irresistible force, divisive and hinder rapprochement of peoples!

To understand the structure of the world could not and scientists. Ottorgnuv religion, they chose a materialist (non-spiritual) way of knowing the world, and creating laws are not harmonized with the laws of the Cosmos, sent people along the path of selfish consumer society, transforming humanity in the spiritual "bankrupt".
On Earth, had the dual power: the religious and secular. These groups of people, led by personal and material interests by applying the rule of "divide and vlavstvuy" and a society of physical and mental slaves (regardless of the changing signs), deprived of the conditions for the improvement of Consciousness, ensuring the rapid development of society.
People were unable (or unwilling) to comply with even the Ten Commandments and all the Goals provided to improve your own self, was spent on the pursuit of the "Golden Calf" and the gratification of his short stay in the material world. Forgetting that the "non-spiritual person - it is always a destroyer of the surrounding space and, eventually, suicide."

"To create conditions of life and human relations, legal and monetary system - is the product of the destructive forces and do not create conditions for the growth of Co-knowledge man. Moreover, all the social superstructure actively forcing people to serve Mammon, discarding the "then" all attempts to man's spiritual growth, replacing the Creator of the Faith, the observance of rituals and rites of the Church and religious persuasion. "
Tales of modern religions are forcing people to accept the primacy of "achievements" of the material world, but it is now more than ever, people feel the acute need of faith in the Creator and supreme justice, because without it everything else is meaningless.

Higher forces are always closely monitored and people through thousands of contactees (Prophets, Nostradamus, D. Andreev, E. Blavatsky, Roerich and many of our contemporaries) on a subconscious level, (but in no case shall a audible voice, are a manifestation of lower forces) explain that the outside world is much more difficult than the thought of him the people themselves.

Today, the Creator of the modern and plain language to transmit new knowledge, which is not a myth or a fairy tale, but a vital necessity.
Everyone should understand that all objects in the universe are God's (reasonable) origin. The entire universe is inhabited and consists of multi-media world's energy (matter) various degrees of density.
This is a world of divine forces of high vibrations, slim, spiritual world (the energy of creation), controlled Hierarchy of Light (the highest octave of vibration in the Center of Space, Universe).
And the world of divine forces low vibration (destructive energy), controlled by Satan (in the Russian version - Rogue). This is a world of dense and superdense Energy (Matter) (Peripheral spaces), the temptations of a man experiences and make him make a choice.

"God is One for all, not only on Earth but throughout the universe, in Eternity!
This control system, balancing the positive and negative forces that obey the law of unity and struggle of opposites. But Vector Energy God always has a positive value and the preservation of this vector is the main task of God.
God - this is a great multi-level Ocean Energy Mind evolving in Eternity, and constantly striving for perfection.
God fills the entire space of the universe. The space has a structure of the matrix consisting of many billions of cells of different density and energy of different sign. And only the harmony of plus and minus produces the Great Divine Light, who "bask" all Essence of Eternity ".
Do not seek God somewhere "there", far away. It is near It all around us, and we are inside. All worlds are intertwined, and all the times are today and now.
"The world is in constant motion, but not in chaos, as people think. This movement is subject to the feasibility and the Higher Laws of Eternity. His foundation - a spiral of eternity, because everything has a beginning but no end to the evolution of space since it is eternal! "

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