The appearance of the planet X (Nibiru 2012)

Nibiru Planet X
PLANET, whose existence we have forgotten <

The common principles, which underlie the diverse and distant from each other's cultures "in early antiquity" ... can not be explained ... borrowing some from other nations, their mutual influence and imitation. It must look beyond the "early antiquity" some "X", still unknown to science cultural world that gave impetus to the development of all known civilizations. The Egyptians, Babylonians ... were our teachers, modern civilization. Who were their teachers?
"Teachers of teachers".

This question is not one century is haunted by the scientists and researchers. According to one hypothesis (the authors - an American orientalist Zecharia Sitchin <or other writing - Zecharia Sitchin - a cat. In Russian. The language out of his book - Ed.> And several other experts), a crucial role in the appearance of man on Earth and its original "upbringing and education" have played a substance known in paleoufologii as anunaki, Nephilim, or "descended from heaven. Subject Sumerian civilization has repeatedly sounded at the Siegel readings. In 1998, the Economic News Agency published a book "descended from heaven and created human beings", which set the most general idea of this hypothesis. Recently, some new data on the planet, which allegedly came anunaki. In the cosmological model of the Sumerians, the planet takes 12 th place and was known as NIBIRU ( "planet which crosses" or "Planet of cross (intersection)") . I Akkadians called it Marduk. Sumerians placed its perihelion between Mars and Jupiter and aphelion - in space "abyss".

It is with Nibiru, the insistence of the Sumerian texts, the Earth came Anunaki (AN-UNA-KI - "descended from heaven to earth"). Akkadian, the term "An-nun-na-ki" means "<m> fifty, <who> descended from heaven to earth. In chapter 6 of Genesis, they are talked about as a Nephilim, which in Hebrew means the same thing: "Those who came down from Heaven to Earth" (Byt.6 :1-4). In translating the Bible into Russian original meaning of these terms is veiled, but in other versions of the translation of Genesis, he is not in doubt. Then in the Bible (Chisl.13: 34) also referred Anaky, descendants of the Nephilim Anako. On coming down from the gods of heaven narrate many hundreds of tales, legends and sacred texts of ancient peoples and lost civilizations.

How to set Professor Alfred Dzheremayas, the astronomers of Mesopotamia were well aware of the phenomena and causes of the unusual appearance of the trajectories of the planets on the celestial sphere and accurately counted ephemeris (and more ancient settlements were more refined and accurate). The historian Diodorus Siculus (I in. BC. E.) Wrote: "The Chaldeans gave the names of the planets ... in the heart of their system was the Sun, vivid light," offspring "which were the world, reflecting the radiance and position of the Sun."

Many thousands of years ago, the Sumerians knew the size of the globe with an accuracy of about 1% and were aware of the imperfect sphericity of the Earth. Professor Stephen Langdon proved that the Sumerians knew about the phenomenon of precession of the Earth's axis is in 6510 BC. e. A Professor W. Hunter, Alfred H. and Dzheremayas Hilpreht by studying cuneiform tablets under the catalog number VAT.7847, concluded that the initial "reference point" from the Sumerians was about XI millennium BC. e. Vernal equinox was then in the constellation Leo (it is equal to the interval 10860-8700 gg. BC. E.). This agrees well with directly poslepotopnym period.

The fact that the Babylonians knew about the planets of the solar system, amazing details, noted in the XIX century, Henry Rawlinson. <There is> clear evidence that they observed the four satellites of Jupiter, and there are substantial grounds for believing that they were familiar with the seven satellites of Saturn. " (Fig. 1: astronomical plate with the image of the planets and the sun).

Knowledge of the Sumerians included both general information about the structure of the solar system and some details about some of its objects (so far unknown or little-known - the asteroid belt, the rings of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), and, of course, Earth. (Fig. 2: astronomical plate with the image of Saturn with a ring).

There is a "scheme" of the trajectory of the spacecraft anunakov the solar system. Individual elements of Sumerian cosmology can be found among the ancient Egyptians and American Indians.

Common Sumerian term for the planets of our solar system was "LU-BAD" ( "wandering sheep") (literally: "LU" - "<those who> graze"; "BAD" - "high and far away"). In the texts related to the planets, also used the term "MUL-MUL", which refers to the solar system. At one time this situation to substantiate scientists Charles Virollod, Stephen Langdon, Fritz Gommel, and Charles Jean.

At some Sumerian seals represented the sun with 11 planets, ie a total of 12 bodies. The twelfth planet is a celestial body was Nibiru / Marduk. Number equal to the period of treatment Nibiru 2012 - 3600 (Earth years) - the Sumerians believed in his system the main account. They placed Nibiru / Marduk in markas shame - "in the center of Heaven." If we write down a list of all the number of planets in the Sumerian version, we really get to her heart. Albert Schott has shown that under Marduk ancient texts implied a member of our solar system orbit which, as its name suggests, crossed the orbits of some planets. Nibiru-Marduk was also called "Radiant Light" and "Great Heavenly Body" reaching unexplored regions of the heavens and far limits of the universe.

In the early twentieth century, Franz Kyugler concluded that Marduk - this kind of fast moving celestial body, which has highly elliptical orbit. In the Sumerian texts reported that the planet moves from the AN-UR ( "base <firmament?> Heaven" - that is, the asteroid belt) to E-NUN ( "Abode of the Lord"). (Figure 3: The orbit of Nibiru).

The main event of his cosmogony, worldview and religion Sumerians called the Celestial Battle. On the eve of the Battle of Heaven in the solar system had the sun and 9 planets: Mummu, Laham, Bethlehem, Tiamat, Kishar, Anshar, Gaga, Anu and Nudimmud. (Figure 4: The stage of formation of the solar system). Mentioned and King (Kingu), defender of Tiamat. As might suggest planetofizicheskih data, about 4 billion years ago, in our system violated "outsider" - Nibiru 2012. The Babylonians renamed it Marduk. On that celestial battle took place precisely in the solar system, says the quotation "In mulmul appears planet Marduk. (Fig. 5: Invasion of Nibiru in the solar system).

The effect of Nibiru to the formation of the solar system was reported to Siegel readings in 1997 Ancient descriptions of the planet Nibiru Observations of the Earth sufficiently detailed and numerous, but are virtually unknown. They called him "a mentor of all the planets," which allows a hug "to cover the rest. "He firmly holding their belt <orbit>" and describes the circles around them, "and the orbit of his" majestic "orbits of all the other planets. Icon denoting Nibiru, looked like a cross, as graphically portrayed as a winged disk. (Figure 6: Image Nibiru in the form of light, the cross and the god Marduk and Ashur).

Nibiru attributed the epithet - "nam-til-la-ku" ( "God, life-giving"). Babylonian astronomers reported on Nibiru as follows:

<Earth> Nibiru:
Planet shining in the heavens.
It occupies a central place;
Him they "other planets> must pay obeisance to ...
Planet Nibiru:
<Who> constantly crosses the center of Tiamat.
Yes, he shall be called the "Crosshair" --
Anyone who has been in the middle.
Planet Nibiru:
Crosshairs of the Heavens and the Earth will take it.
Neither higher nor lower than they were <planet> do not cross.
They <planet> expect it <occurrence>.

(Figure 7: Image Nibiru against priests).
The fact that this planet has appeared in the sky from time to time, says this quote from the Mesopotamian texts.

The Great Planet:
Dark-red in appearance,
Divides Heaven half
And holds the course (is) position as Nibiru.
R. Campbell Thompson in his book "According to the magicians and astronomers" ( "Reports of the Magicians and Astronomers") has published several texts, which is characterized by the movement of Nibiru in the sky.
When this planet goes to the west
From the location of Jupiter
There will come a time a prosperous life.
Peace be upon the country.
When this planet will increase in the radiance
And in the sign of Cancer will be Nibiru,
Akkad was filled with plenty,
And the king of Akkad will increase its power.
When is the culmination of <brightness> Nibiru,
Earth was filled with peace,
Hostile kings become peace-loving,
The gods will offer prayers and requests.
(Figure 8: Image Nibiru on agricultural background. Artworks).
In one of the texts gives a detailed description of the remarkable orbit Nibiru.

<He> forged round belt <asteroid belt>;
<He> split N advoe occupier <Tiamat> and poured its waters.
Lord, who during Akita <equinox celebration>
Stopped to rest at the site of the battle with Tiamat, ...
The seed of which - the sons of Babylon;
Can not be confused near the planet Jupiter;
Who will build its radiance.
In the Babylonian text describes the holiday Akita (akitu), which, judging by the title, was devoted to the creation of life on Earth, as in the Sumerian language "A-KI-TI" and means "New Life on Earth". Seventh "station" - the Earth - was the last in a chain of "stops" Marduk. It was called the "place of rest", and that is where God decided to "create life".
The text is also clear that Nibiru 2012 passed Jupiter in the days of the holiday Akita and became friendly with Mars for the second month, and the second month to the twelfth made on the Earth the Flood. This fits with the biblical descriptions, where the flood is dated the seventeenth day of the second month (Byt.7: 11), and the end - the first day of the new year (Byt.8: 13).

According to another fragment of the Mesopotamian texts, this planet is deleted in its place of rest "(and thus in a month Ululu Nibiru again crosses the path of Saturn"):

When the great scholar cried: "The Flood" --
Then the god Nibiru, Hero, a celestial body with four heads,
Turn back, in its place of rest will lower himself.
Among the ruins of Nippur, was found astronomical text, is being kept in the collection of Jena University, and dating from around 2000 BC. e. Professor O. Neygebauer found that it is a copy of a much older plate. It gives values of the distances between the seven planets in orbits that intersect the ships anunakov expressed in terms of distance from the Earth to the Moon. In the second part of this text, with not quite clear yet to give formulas for calculating these distances.
Specialists have still no consensus on the reading of the text, but there is no doubt that the second part are the distances from SHU-PA (ie Pluto) to the other planets. There is also a map of the heavenly journey anunakov the seventh planet. (Fig. 9: navigation scheme travel anunakov). This Assyrian copy of drevneshumerskoy plaque, which was first reported on Jan. 8, 1880 It is now kept in the British Museum. This plate has a disc-shaped, divided into 8 segments 45grad. And contains unusual data, and icons, are not found in other Mesopotamian artifacts. Apart cuneiform icons it contains images of an ellipse, triangles and arrows. The fact that this disc is an astronomical context, without doubt. (Figure 10: Translation of individual elements of the scheme). If you read the markings on its icon (in Sumerian), the disc turns out to be God Enlila travel scheme and other anunakov from Nibiru to Earth. Is this label and instructions for navigating reasons.

Roman historian Tsenzorin (III-II century BC. E.) Argued that the Earth is undergoing a great upheaval every 21600 years. This, incidentally, exactly six treatment periods Nibiru and ten periods of change in the sign of the zodiac. It can be assumed that the numerous asteroids, comets and Kuiper belt bodies trapped gravity Nibiru and forming a sort of cloud around her, follow her as a "plume", as it were "smeared" in its orbit. With the approach of the "swarm" to the Sun and giant planets orbit their bodies destabilizing, and some of them captured by the gravity of other outer planets, moves into new orbits, and, ultimately, falls on the surface of planets and their satellites. The time of these falls can defend from the period of the perihelion of Nibiru in the hundreds and even thousands of years.

But in any case can be assumed that the ratio of the periods of the Earth and Nibiru 2012 is that once in 21600 years to orbit the maximum converging (up to 1.5 and. AU).

At drevneegipetstkih images of astronomical nature in the heavens, personified the goddess Nut, also figured as the sun with rays, and Heavenly disc - kind of a planet, but not the moon. At one of the tombs, discovered H. Brugshem in 1857 in thee, cut the figure of the goddess Nut. It surrounds the whole ensemble of celestial bodies. Overhead Nut - Sun with rays; below him on the left and right - the twelve signs of the zodiac. (Fig. 11: Egyptian scheme of the solar system). Spearman spear bull, probably indicating that the constellation Taurus, which was then the point of the equinox, this corresponds to a period of about 3200 (or 29000) gg. BC. e.

The image presented of the planet, "floating" in the Heavenly Barca. This inner planets - Mercury and Venus (in dress). Then - the Earth with the emblem of the god Horus (the falcon without a barge), Moon, Mars and Jupiter. Below are four of the planet without Celestial Baroque: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In these four planets is easy to learn Mesopotamian group Anshara (ie Saturn). Above the sun apart from the rest of the planets shows another huge upside Celestial Barca with the Lord of Heaven - the twelfth planet.

Studying the structure of Stonehenge, a mathematician and amateur astronomer B. Tereshin of the Ivanovo region found that the ratio of the diameters of the shaft and the Cretaceous Sarsenova ring was exactly equal to the ratio of the diameters of the Earth and Moon. (Fig. 12: Stonehenge). V. Tereshin isolated from stounhendzhskogo 11-gon irregular pentagon, which underlies the plan of the complex. Sizes of all the rings of the complex coincide exactly with the circumference of this pentagram. And it turned out that the diameters of these rings are proportional to the diameter of the planets of the solar system!

Verify the findings Tereshina, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics Komissarov was of the view that the detected ring model also orbits of the planets of the solar system. And the planets in such a system, not 9, but ... 12! Two of them are estimated V. Komissarov located beyond the orbit of Pluto. The third falls exactly on the asteroid belt. In addition, it turned out that "pentagon Tereshina" is the key to deciphering the layout, as some British megalithic complexes, and the entire network of megaliths UK. An increase in the size of the pentagon 60 times while maintaining its orientation precisely controls all such ancient monuments on a global scale, including the pyramid of Cheops.

City of Teotihuacan (Tiahuanaco) is located in central Mexico on the bank. San Juan, about 50 km north-east of Mexico City. Unusual patterns of planning Tiatiuakana and their attachment to the celestial objects will allow engineers G. Harlstonu prove that the ratio of the distances between important buildings encrypted structure of the solar system - including the distance between the orbits of the planets. All the basic facilities to the north of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl are at distances proportional to the distance from the Sun to the terrestrial planets, asteroid belt and all the outer planets, including Pluto.

In Toltecs and Aztecs are a legend about the Creator of All That Is, Creator of Heaven and Earth, "giving life and death, good and evil fate", the monastery which is the highest, the twelfth heaven.

And Toltec knew that large numbers of Heaven.
They say, that there are twelve superposed parts;
In them resides the true God and his wife.
He is the Heavenly God, the God of duality;
His wife - Mrs. Duality, Heavenly Lady.
It does this mean: it is the Lord of the twelve heavens.
In early 1533 Santa Cruz made a sketch of the main sanctuary with an image of the Sun Temple in Cusco - a large sheet of gold with the image of the so-called "Creator". (Fig. 13: sketch of Santa Cruz). The fact that Santa Cruz called "Creator", looks like an elongated oval. Since the Sun and Moon are depicted on the sides of the oval, it is clear that this is not the sun. Zecharia Sitchin saw in the ellipse of Cuzco elliptical orbit of the planet Nibiru. She - the main and the twelfth member of the central cosmogonic system. By value (brightness?) It stands between the Sun and the Moon (also marked by stellar symbols of heavenly bodies).
That interpretation Z. Sitchin: "We see the planets in our solar system, separated into two groups ... <top> are the five outer planets: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter (if the transfer from outside to inside). Lower or closest to our group represents four inner planets: Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury. Planet X is coming.

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