When we cease to frighten the end of the world?

stop frighten people
stop frighten
Priest in the mask sacrifices the young ruler of the Maya.

Hunger, ozone depletion, the greenhouse effect - the articles on global issues today are full of all the newspapers. Conspired, media vying to frighten us with gloomy predictions for the future benefit that the vendors of such material shortages are not tested.
The world-famous British scientist James Lovelock, for example, believes that irrational human activity destroys the nature and leads to irreversible consequences. Very soon the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be too much to upset the balance of the Earth and will inevitably come to onets light.
Lovelock argues that this will happen in 32 years, and yet we are expected to famine, drought and rain, which, in turn, will lead to mass migration. So, in countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom very soon the tent cities for refugees.

In any newspaper you can read about that on a planetary disaster separates us are only a few steps. And if we do not stop, then very soon the most pessimistic forecasts may be our inevitable reality. And that is why we urgently need - more usually follows a long list of measures designed to somehow slow down our slide towards catastrophe.
Our situation really requires attention, but the decision today swept the problems we are looking for is not there. In contradiction with nature, say the Kabbalists, we are entering not at the level of our productive activity, and in its internal state, when it considers the current situation of normal fragmentation and mutual hatred. Our selfishness has grown now to such proportions that successfully extinguishes any attempts of individuals to point to him as the greatest challenge humanity. Stop frighten 2012
And the problem is really serious. We are so distant from each other, have been violated, even natural family ties. Can be considered a curious appeal to the Court of Iranian women, calling on the greedy husband 124000 roses. (The court, by the way, this claim.) But it is not funny when you read that according to research by the UN Children's Fund, the victims of domestic violence are 275 million children of the world. And in Britain there is a new phenomenon - pedofobiya, fear of their own children.
Lack of understanding, unwillingness to consider others impede our lives to a much greater extent than the problems caused by industrial activity. Today we see ever more clearly. Move the progress that selfishness is not only not brought us the expected benefits but caused real damage. And more clearly manifested the need to overcome the contradictions besetting us selfish. Stop frighten 2012
However, overcoming the fragmentation and unification on the level of that same selfishness will not help us. Universal equality and fraternity - this stage we have, fortunately, has already passed. Adjusting disasters, nature requires that we review this relationship to his selfishness, awareness of the need to exit from its scope. This alone would be enough to begin to change our reality for the better.

This will be the first step to achieving this balance with nature, and only then will we cease to suffer the effects of oppressive. The essence of nature, as they say the Kabbalists, - opposed to egoism, and therefore even a simple attempt to change it fits into the overall direction of motion, moving us closer to the true harmony with nature.
Then we stop to feel bad in this world. The blows that rained on us today from all sides, just stop. At all levels. And the end of the world will turn to the state, filled with light.

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