2012 End of the World (The End of the World) (Armaggedon, ship day, Appokalipsis) or switch to a new level of consciousness?

2012 End of the World

Switch to consiounessThinking about the word "doomsday" appear thought imposed kinematogrofom, church, various religious and mystical teachings, the imminent destruction and death. Sschuestvuet Even a ucheninie called eschatology v (from the Greek eschaton - the end of time and space limit, the ultimate goal of teaching and logos v) v religious teachings about
2012 end of the world, the sense and the conclusion of the Earth's history, the ultimate destiny of man and mankind.

The closer the date comes to humanity 21.12.2012, the more interest people begin to show the various predictions and prophecies relating to this very interesting date. If we analyze the Internet, you can find that the date December 21, 2012 is present in various ancient cultures. The best known at the moment, so of course, the prophecy Maya Indians (American Indians and postmayanskih). But not only the ancient Maya was able to mathematically calculate-astronomischeskim by that date. In Slavic culture, which has recently caused a growing global concern, there are also data indicating the year 2012 and it was in December. Right now otbros their fears and begin to perceive incoming information as a new opportunity for you and your loved ones. Zanniya applied in practice.
Something inside us is valid under the influence of fear, fear of destruction. Consider then the life and people as its component. The universe - a living organism. Life does not contain anything inanimate. The basis of all - an absolute sense. This is clean energy and life, devoid of damage. It is something that can not suffer. Absolut is transformed from energy to matter, matter is a property of energy express itself through objectivity. Objectivity is narrowing, thickening, ie, integrity, which is transferred separately.


"Experience of human living in the body of the fourth density."

The main thing is that I managed during this time - fully promenyat boredom, frustration and fear that still remained in the joy, peace, confidence and love. It also must be solved. Depart from the limited world view, duality, binding to the drama. You can do it.

Thanks to the linear mind and ego, I saw what I have is to work on. All this time they are in ordinary life situations, I have continued podkidyvat problem from which you can dismiss, ignore, run away, put aside, and you can give them the time and attention in order to better understand themselves. I chose the latter.
Elaboration of internal fears
Towards the ego with love: Feel, understand, decide and release

Ego, as far without him. It is with us always. It is part of us. But do not keep it close to yourself. I noticed that when the ego is in the center of power, it can use the energy chakras in order and it violates the natural energy within.

So one day I noticed a sense of gravity (nizkovibratsionnogo block) with meditation in the third chakra. With focus and light in this area of heavy energy is changing, and then continuing with increasing force of light and my intention is to release themselves from the power unit are leaving through the main channel of energy through all the chakras up, very rarely, through chakra outside.

However, this method did not make the final decision, because without work after a while he was returning to its original place.

After connecting with the highest I have, I understood that it is ego. Now sometimes there are clear «loud» willed and thought that I sometimes noticed that the ego acquires additional force in the energy centers. But even if they are strong, meaning they have not changed. Distinguish messages from the ego always easy. They are fear, division and open struggle for survival. It is necessary to release the ego of himself. It is necessary to give it the attention and love, with compassion to make it (the source of thought) that the first thing to experience, understand that it offers (from all sides) and then to explain the hopelessness of his ideas. Suggest and explain the love and cooperation as the only way to survive. Remember the unity of the whole. Remember that you're around it too. Keep in mind that while around the same unique and individual souls, and you have free will, and nobody has the right to violate it. This cosmic law will bring in 2012 the end of the world.

It is time to take responsibility for the knowledge that come through various channels. Enough to feed your mind with new theories, it will always be enough. There comes a time when our body needs a subtle activation and our conscious perception. Sleeping or concealment of knowledge, stored in DNA is the aspirations of the outdoors. Now an opportunity for different kinds of spiritual practice based on love and cooperation, it is time for synthesis and unification. You do not need to cover all possible options and the flow is sufficient to choose one, but its (that which respond to the soul of your body). Each of us is unique, but we are all united.

The body created from the cells, cells created from the elements, which are placed in the mind that creates the form. The cage has two levels: the absolute and relative. In terms of absolute level of the cell information is all the universe, the whole evolution of consciousness and matter. Our DNA contains not only the earthly knowledge, it is all the knowledge of the universe. The entire multi-dimensional universe is in a potential cell DNA.
Information standard cell is designed such that the measurements, which are contained in this information may be disclosed only if the psychological self-awareness is increasing in these worlds in the cells. But along with the awareness of this consciousness to awaken a real interest in the objective, the disclosure of potentiality multidimensional structure of physical consciousness.
In the psychological consciousness must come the desire, the thirst for knowledge of their own potential. Multidimensionality, which substance is stored in the cells can be activated, initiated by a higher level of consciousness.

In humans, several bodies. They are linked. Healing is a complex process. If the physical body is manifested discomfort, it is a consequence of, and reasons are in the other, thin bodies of man. Healing and ideally should be integrated.
Focusing on spiritual growth, and do not forget about the physical body. It is - the temple of your soul. Disharmony in the physical body makes it difficult to spiritual growth. Let the health of the physical body too will be your spiritual purpose.

In creating this database, mankind will be able to go with the least loss of transformation point.

Separated man and man give way to the development of our planet into a state where many species irrevocably leave our peaceful, every day people pererobatyvayu live in the biosphere nekrosferu as product technosphere. The modern model of the economy with an infinite demand stimulation, showed a failure and led the economic crisis. As a result of stress sitatsiyah, many were beyond the boundaries of its conditionalities and awaken your mind GRT sleep. 2012 end of the world.

5 Jun, 2009, on World Environment Day, while in Paris, London, New York, Moscow, Tokyo and other major cities in the world premiere of a film, unprecedented in its zamyclu and translate to the world film arena.

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