WHO ARE WE? Hastening Nibiru ....

Several billion years ago there was a large planet Tiamat. It revolved around the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. At the same time was another huge planet Nibiru, moving in the opposite direction in relation to other planets.

Every 3600 years Nibiru passed our solar system between Mars and Jupiter. Once, passing through the orbit of Nibiru came so close to Tiamat, that one of its moons faced with Tiamat and split it in half. The result is that a huge chunk of Tiamat went off course and crossed the orbit between Venus and Mars, became the Earth as we know it now. Another part of the scattered in a million pieces, becoming the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Approximately 430-450 thousand years ago, Nibiru a problem with the ozone layer. To keep the heat it was necessary to spray in the upper atmosphere tiny gold particles that they, like a mirror reflects light and heat back to the planet. Began the study, in which the Earth was discovered a large quantity of gold.

Solar System

It began with the development of the Earth Nephilim Nibiru. Nephilim were very high growth: women - 3-4 meters, Men - 4-5 meters. Lifespan was about 360 000 Earth years. They began to build cities in the area of modern Iraq, but the gold was mined in one of the valleys in south-eastern Africa.

Approximately 200 thousand years ago, the Nephilim, workers rebelled. They no longer wanted to work in the mines. Therefore, the leaders of the Nephilim, decided to create a new race of slaves to mine gold. To do this, return to Earth with 32 being the third planet of Sirius B. They were 16 men and 16 women who were also giants, but in essence they were the creatures of the fourth dimension.

They absolutely know exactly what to do. So they went directly into the womb of the Earth - Halls of Amenti, and were directly in front of the pyramid and the flame blue and white light 1,2 - 1,5 meters tall and about 1 0 feet in diameter, created the Nephilim. This flame is a pure prana, pure consciousness, which is called a planetary "egg", and which was created for the evolutionary path of mankind. Siriantsy understand that all is light. Therefore, they simply create a 32 slab of rose quartz and lay on these boards around the flame, heads to the center, face up, alternating - a man and a woman. Siriantsy fired Conception - merged with the flame or egg Nephilim. At this time, at the level of the third dimension, scientists - Nephilim took earthly clay, the primacy of the blood and semen of male Nephilim, mixed it all together and put in the uterus nefilimskim seven young women. It took about 2000 years on the birth of a new race. And in Gondwana near the western coast of South Africa's first human beings appeared. There were seven and they were sterile, ie could not reproduce themselves. Nephilim continued to produce small creatures, creating an army of slaves, mining gold.

SUMMARY. Science does not understand how people come to Earth. She knows that mankind somewhere 150-250 thousand years. Between primates and humans is the "missing link". It seems that people came out of nowhere, it is not clear how they evolved. It's like I just stepped through some mysterious door and ended up here.

Passed. Cities Nephilim bigger. They were extraordinarily beautiful and exquisite. They had huge gardens, and around the tropical rainforest. It was decided to transfer some of the slaves from the southern mines in the city to care for gardens.

And once a slave girl named Eva learned from Enki (translated as "snakes") of apples from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which gave her the ability to bear children. Adam they were eating these apples. Nephilim were furious. Particular, they did not want Adam and Eve ate from another tree of life, then they could become immortal. Therefore, they expelled from the garden to another place, where they began to multiply. Preserved the names of all their sons and daughters.

SUMMARY. Archaeologists in the same place in Africa, discovered gold mines, of which 100 thousand years. Gold - a soft metal and is very rare among ancient archeological finds. Why do people have to much gold and where it going? Here were found human bones, at least at the time 20 thousand years ago. They are identical to ours, but the only difference is that they could not have kids.

Since then, our race has developed along two lines: one to continue his race and was free (though controlled), the other could not have children, and they were slaves, gold mining is 20 000 years ago. This branch is killed during the Great Flood, approximately 12 500 years ago.

Who are WeSun

Descendant of Adam and Eve to the other, the mainland has risen in the Pacific Ocean, in Lemuria. There they were allowed to develop themselves, without interference from the Nephilim. It was a happy time and it lasted about 65-70 thousand years. During this time, changed the structure of the skeleton, have changed the size and shape of the skull. Race became pravopolusharnoy, with the woman's nature. This new civilization of Lemuria developed magnificently.

One of the discoveries was the acquisition of immortality. Two men named Ai and Taya realized that if making love in a certain way and to breathe in a certain way, then when the baby is born, all three become immortal. Ai and Taya Naakalskuyu opened the first school of mysteries, which were taught how to achieve what we call the Resurrection or the Ascension through tantra. All went to the fact that in the next few thousand years, they probably would have moved the whole race to a new level of consciousness. But, apparently, was not yet the right time. Only 333 families have been trained, when Lemuria went under water. Lemurian knew about the upcoming dive, because it was a women's civilization with powerful psychic abilities. They were previously moved to the territory from Lake Titicaca in Central America and Mexico to Mount Shasta to the north. Immortal beings Lemuria settled on a small island Undan field to the north of the continent of Atlantis rise again.

Since then, mankind has entered the next level of change of consciousness.

SUMMARY. The existence of Lemuria was recognized in 1910, and it is connected with corals. In the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 550 meters were discovered coral ring stretching from Easter Island to a great distance. This means that the rings were initially inside the island, which sank under the water very slowly, as the corals to grow, must be close to the surface of the water (no more than 46 meters). In addition, the entire chain of islands from Hawaii to Easter is absolutely the same flora and fauna, not such as to other islands. This can be explained only by the fact that once existed between these islands crosspieces sushi.

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