Schedule over the world in the coming years including 2012. :)

In the coming years better than no plan
In the Internet appeared the schedule over the world in the coming years. Prior to 2020 on Earth are expected to be at least 12 over the world. An impressive list of promises that cataclysms will begin in 2008 and, if lucky, will last until 2020.

<STRIKE>End of the world in 2008 - will fall to earth asteroid more than 800 meters.</STRIKE>

<STRIKE>End of the world in 2009 - based racshifrovok centuriae Nostradamus Peter Laurie, this year will come Armageddon.</STRIKE>

2010 - run out of oil, and the world will swallow a war for resources. Another promise that the Earth turns away from the Sun. But it will be a temporary end of the world .

world shedule
world shedule

2011 - end of the Mayan calendar cycle. Suffice it renowned end of the world, perhaps, will clash with the asteroid 2005 YU55.

2012 - a long-awaited end of the world. Here is a whole bunch - the fifth sun, the solar system itself becomes a sort of sideways to the galactic axis, break all the cosmic cycles, the change of poles, etc. Indigo Children Board to prepare, from 0,5% of the population have a chance to survive.

end of the world in 2013 - Ragnarok, he's day of reckoning. Day start and end! Hyperspace drive in the fourth dimension. For mortals it is death, but for the gods - the birth.

2014 - astrophysicists say that our solar system gets a cloud of space dust, which sweeps away everything in its path. Dull end of the world.

2015 - end of a 9576-year cycle, which leads to the death of civilization and the end of the world.

2016 - James Hansen, a researcher at the state of the climate on Earth, argues that this year will melt glaciers, and most of the land would be flooded.

2017 - End of the world on the theory of hierarchical disasters.

2018 - Nuclear war on the same Nostradamus.

2019 - banal collision with asteroid 2002 NT7.

2020 - Isaac Newton, based on the predictions of St. John the Divine, has calculated that the end of the world will be in this year, wrote in his blog Ignis Fatuus.

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